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Factory Five Cobra

So Fast Racing is a well known Cobra builder and dealer in Albany, OR. They have been very busy building Cobras, so we contracted with them to build a Cobra for a customer in California. Cobra
The Cobra came to us in many boxes. It's just a matter of putting it together, like a big model car.
Actually, itís a bit more complicated than a model car if you donít have experience in all aspects of car building. This project can be quite a challenge for somebody building it in there garage.
Installing the dash was very easy once the Auto meter guages and switches were installed. It's also nice to wire when the body is off, you can look down behind the dash instead of lying on your back in an uncomfortable position.
Just a shot of the brake line routing. We used customer supplied pre-bent stainless steel lines. There are a lot of options and upgrades a person could make, but when it comes to brakes it's a good idea to use the best.
One of the first things we do is fit the body to the chassis. Then start sanding the door, trunk, and hood for a proper fit. We also mount the lights, trunk latch, and all other related items so it can be painted. While the body is being painted we keep assembling the chassis.
The painting was handled by our head painter Gary Corriea. This man is talented, he can lay it down so nice it doesnít need to be sanded and buffed.
Looks great all put together. You too could be driving one soon. Just pick your motor, transmission, colors, etc. and we'll do the rest.