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1967 Chevy Camaro

1967 Chevy Camaro owned by Randy and Vickie Sjoblom. This camaro has been in Randy's family since 1968. Although the car was in great shape, you can see from the photos below that it was time for a face lift. '67 Camaro
The Camaro was a great car to start with. Upon first inspection the car appeared to have no rust. This was a surprise for it spent some of its life on the coast. The fact that it has always been garaged explains the good condition of the body.
The motor is a stock number's matching 327. We wanted to keep it that way, so we had the team at Hanson machine rebuild the motor. We decided to get rid of the two speed trans and replace it with a turbo 400, rebuilt by Mel's transmission.
The body in one of its many stages of refinishing.
The stock Camaro subframe is ugly when removed but after sandblasting and powder coating, it looks better than new.
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The rusted quarter panel surprise us. When Randy and I first looked at the car it revealed no rust. But after we removed the wheel well trim we found the whole lip was rusted away.
Instead of patching three lower rust panels, we decided to repair the whole quarter panel. (This process is actually easier.) Also note while we had the quarter panel off we protected the inner panels from any future problems. When these cars leave Northwest Autofab, the body has more protection than it did from the factory.
Body and fenders in various stages of bodywork and primer getting ready for new paint.
All rust repair, bodywork, and painting was done in house at Northwest Autofab by Joseph Parsons. It's hard to build these cars in a timely manner without good help. Thanks Joe.
The newly rebuilt 327, dressed up and ready to go. It's amazing what a few chrome parts and paint can do.
Interior during assembly. Host's Custom Autosound Stereo with a 10 disc cd changer in the trunk for those long road trips. It also has a set of custom rod guages, but otherwise stock interior.
After talking to Randy, we have decided to lower the Camaro and install some American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. We will make those modifications as soon as it returns from Larry's Upholstery where Andy is currently installing the interior. More finished pictures coming soon. '67 Camaro