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Orange 1973 Ford Bronco

As you can see we've done a few early started out a nice stock driver, that needed to be freshened up. It turned out to be one of the nicest Broncos around if I do say so myself. We did the rust repair and body work, then took it to Gary Corriea for final paint. 51 Chevy PU
The frame was completely disassembled for sandblasting and powder coating, the stock motor was stroked out to a 347ci. with aluminum heads and intake. We left the stock rebuilt c-4 trans in it. We did the same with the front and rearend.
Body after it returned from the painter, Gary Correia.
Bronco during assembly, must be carefull here donít want to scratch the paint. It's fun watching them come together, this is my favorite part. Well, beside driving them, thatís actually my favorite part, always puts a smile on your face.
A new wiring harness was installed...what fun. Most people donít like this part of the rebuild, but I love it! As far as I'm concerned, any wiring over thirty years old, should be replaced...especially if some morron has tried to repair it along the way. The wiring gets brittle and can fail, you really donít want that. Itís a quick way to burn your project to the ground.
Now thatís a nice looking interior. It was installed by Victor at Chucks uphostery. We also installed a tuffy center console customized with a speaker inside and painted to match the interior. We also installed a flaming river tilt column, a nice CD player with hidden speakers, and modern seats.
The nice 347 stroked motor helps move this bronco down the road. It was rebuilt by 4-S sign, yes I said a sign shop. They also build motors and Factory Five cobras on the side. Who da thunk. Well thatís about it for the bronco, when your ready to have one built, come see us.
51 Chevy PU



1973 Ford Bronco

John Schudel bought a 1969 Ford Bronco in 1970 while in high school. He drove that rig throughout his high school years, only to get rid of it after graduating. Because of the good times he had driving that Bronco and all of the memories of his youth surrounding that Bronco, he decided to get another one. So 31 years later he bought this 1973 Ford Bronco with the intention of restoring it to show room condition. His determination to turn this Bronco into a head turner made him call up Mike Scheele from Northwest Autofab. As you can see from the pictures, this Bronco turned out great. '73 Bronco
As you can see the Bronco was in extremley good shape when it was purchased from Tom's Bronco parts in Medford, Or. The story was told that a little old lady owned it and hardly drove it.
Even the interior looked almost as good as the day it came off the showroom floor.
The Bronco only had 46,000 original miles on it when we started the disassemble.
Mike and Joe preparing the body for removal. This could not be done without the use of an A frame and spreader bar. Every shop should have one.
As you can see at Northwest Autofab there are no part's left untouched. Every part is stripped to bare metal, and the proper steps taken to bring it back to a finished product. With the use of a body rotisary the underside can also be sandblasted and undercoated with a spray in bedliner.
The frame and all related parts have returned from being powder coated. This task was performed by Willamette Powder Fab.
Starting chassis assembly, piece by piece the Bronco takes shape.
As you can see, the engine compartment was painted before the body went on. Normally we paint everything before assembly but in this case we worried about body flex during assembly, so the rest of the body was painted after it was installed on the frame. If you look close you can see the bedliner coating on the floor boards.
Getting close to the end. The glass has been installed, all the fluids are in, it's ready to make some noise and go on it's first road test.
When Steve Schudel saw his brother's finished red Bronco, he decided he wanted one also. So we built this blue one for him in the same way as we built the red one. Two beautiful machines.
I want to dedicate a special thanks to Joseph Parsons for all of his hard work on this project.

Motor built by Hanson Machine
Trans built by Mel's Transmission
Paint by Gary Corria
Interior by Chuck's Upholstery

'73 Bronco