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1934 Ford

Before Brian met Mike at Northwest Autofab his car had already been to a couple shops for misc. modifications. Once Brian got to a point he could no longer work on the car without the help of a professional, he contacted Mike at Northwest Autofab to take on the challenge of finishing the '34 ford.
When Mike got the car there were many issues that needed addressed. Such as the doors hitting in the jams, the firewall needed to be welded in. along with the floor. The Air conditioning needed to be installed, and the car needed to be completely wired. Not to mention redo the rust repair. The hood had never been installed either, that was a whole other story. After the stereo was installed, redo the upholstery.
First stages of body work after the rust repair and body work the first coat of primer was laid on. The project takes a turn toward finished.
We finished welding the bottom of the car and decided to finish the body work at this stage and paint it before we put it back on the frame.
The TCI chassis was painted and assembled with chrome and stainless parts. Looks great don't you think?
Starting to re-assemble the body after it returned from the paint shop. Much care is taken to insure there will be no paint chips. The motor is a 350 with dual carbs hooked to a turbo 350 and Ford 9" rearend. A great combination.
Interior is another creation from Smiths Auto Trim. Awesome job!
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