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1970 Chevrolet Camaro

This is a classic example of a good deal gone bad. The car was purchased thinking it had a recent restoration. Problem was it looked good in pictures but upon arrival it clearly wasn't. After several months the owner decided to take it to mike at Northwest Autofab for a complete makeover.
The body was undercoated with a bed liner material to prevent corrosion inside and out.
This car was laden with rust, leaves, and dirt from its improper storage.
The car had to be completely dissembled and stripped to repair all the rust both quarter panels were replaced, and other misc. spots around the windows. This task was handled by Nick Meyer of NW Autofab.
Good attention to details. Lots of parts were zinc coated such as the hood latch, door handles, door hinges, trunk latch, If it wasn't zink coated it was powder coated.
Although the Camaro wasn't a factory big block, determined by the black around the taillights, the owner liked this look, so we went with it.
Assembly is time consuming but very rewarding. Seeing it go together for the last time with all new parts, makes for a very nice car. Special thanks to Joseph Parsons in making this dream a reality.