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1961 Jeep FC 170

Tom Peterson Owns this FC 170. Although it's not a stock color on a Jeep it is a stock color on an Allis Chalbers tractor. Tom's goal was to build a Jeep and paint it to match his Allis Chamber tractor so he could pull his antique tractor to the tractor show with his matching unique Jeep. After acquiring a few more Jeeps for spare parts he took it to Northwest Autofab so Mike and his crew could perform their magic…and as a result this Jeep is a real eye catcher. Jeep
As you can see the Jeep was in need of some restoring. One thing about a project that is as unique as this, it's really hard to find parts for. Good thing Tom had extra Jeeps, as we needed them to steal parts off.
The old motor also had to be gone through so Tom took it to Willy restoration for an overhaul.
The old motor and frame looked so worn out, with years and years of abuse, but nothing a little TLC can't fix.
Starting the assembly of the frame after it returned from the powder coaters.
Rust repair on the bottom of the cab. None of these rust panels were available aftermarket, so you build them from scratch. Joe did an awesome job, the repair looks as good as new.
The lower edges of the cab also needed work, in many areas. The same process was performed, cut out the old metal and replace it with new. It's that simple. To some of you who want to be car builders. No you can not fix an area like this with bondo. If you want it to last, fix it right.
More rust repair on a compound curve...not the easiest piece to make. It takes special tools to form this panel.
Repair panel spot welded in place. Now we will carefully weld and grind smooth, it becomes hard to tell it was even repaired. Yes, it looks that good when it's finished.
The cab is prepared and ready for spray in bed liner. We do this inside and underside to help protect from rust starting again.
Cab looks good after Joe painted it. It's now ready to drop on the frame.
Looks like somebody tried to start to rewire the Jeep at one time. What a rats nest.
Interior looks nice it's amazing how simple it was back then…compared to today's new car interiors.
61'Jeep FC