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1931 Model A Pickup

John Schudel owns this 1931 Model A pickup. The truck started out as a fairly nice driver. We just decided to go through it and give it the Northwest Autofab touch. That means doing it better than the factory did. '31 Model A
The only rust we found was on the back lower edge of the cab. This was an easy fix.
The suspension is stock except the brakes. They were updated by the previous owner, we just rebuilt and updated them to get even better braking.
The motor in this picture is a good running stocker with about 40 HP. but that wasn’t good enough. We bought a H@H motor out of California and pumped it up to 70 HP. Man you really have to hold on now...good thing it has good brakes to control all that power.
Chassis and motor after powdercoating. I love this stage...everything new and ready to assemble.
Next we got the body back from the painter Gary Corriea and started to assemble the sheet metal. After we finished wiring and sheet metal assembly, we sent it off for upholstery at Chuck Upholstery in Corvallis. Victor did a fine job.
As you can see with a little time and patiece you can make an old truck look better than new again.
'31 Model A