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1956 Chevy Nomad

This 1956 Chevy Nomad is owned by Duane Sorenson. Duane had us assemble the Nomad, do the rust repair, and all other fabrication like setting up the motor and trans, moving the rear springs to get the fatest tire we could under the back without modifying the interior. We also relocated the battery to behind the right rear tire in a special battery box. '56 Chevy Nomad
We fabricated a new radiator cover. I will try to get a picture up soon, it is cool. We added electric high power brake system that works great. It needs to stop the 454 big block we put in it along with a turbo 700r transmission and Ford 9" it has air conditioning, 3 point seat belts, classic instruments guages, tilt column, other than that a basically stock interior. The Nomad started out with a pretty nice body with minimal rust. We repaired one of the quarter panels and of course some of the floor, we gaped the doors and tailgate, and refit the tail light housings as from the factory they never fit right. Then Joe did his magic with preping the body for paint, many hours of sanding to get the body straight before Gary Corriea painted it. Then it was back to Duanes for final assembly, thatís right the owner assembled it. I think the nomad turned out great.