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1951 Chevy PU - Part 2

This truck is nicknamed "Second Time Around". Yes this black old school truck is the stock red one done over again. Just as well, the stocker had a whopping 750 miles on it since complete restoration, so it was about time for a rebuild... 51 Chevy PU
Just trial fitting the roll pan and tail light placement.
The truck has a TCI frontend, with rack and penion steering. Check out those welds baby, doesn't get much better than that. Well at least it looks a lot better than some of that crap you see in the magazines.
Ford 9" preped and ready for assembly, Gears are 3.25 limited slip, by Dutchman. Rear suspension is No Limit four bar with coil over shocks.
Motor is a GM crate 385 fast burn, aluminum heads etc. Really moves the truck down the road.
We used a couple things from the the pristine bed wood. We just made a hole in it so we could fill the relocated fuel tank, that was built in house.
Rear roll pan looks nice finished with the Cobra style tail lights and stainless steel exhaust tips.
51 Chevy PU



1951 Chevy PU - Part 1

Steve Schudel always wanted a 1951 Chevy Pickup. One day he happened by one sitting in a farmers field so he bought it. Little did he know it had been restored about twenty years ago, and was hiding lots of rust. 51 Chevy PU
As you can see the cab was in bad shape. We decided to press on as we could not buy a reproduction cab then (now you can).
The cab alone had over 100 hours in rust repair preformed on the inner and outer front lower hinge area, the floor from the firewall to the seat, both rear cab corners inner and outer, along with the door bottoms. Now it's in great shape. The bed was in decent shape. We replaced the front header panel, repaired the tailgate, and bed sides, etc. As I look back we should have bought a new reproduction bed. This would have been cheaper...but not original.
When we replace cab corners and doors, we like to make sure they fit nice. Sometimes we have to trim the door to get a good even gap all the way around.
More fit up just to ensure that everything lines up. The hood is always a pain on these old trucks. If it's not lined up properly now, it will chip the paint later. All the body work was then finished by Northwest Autofab, then shipped to Gary Correia to be painted.
Frames always look good after powder coating and we start assembly of the new parts. The motor is a stock 235 CI, although we added power steering.
I just like this picture with the big chrome grill and red paint. It doesn’t get any better.
The interior looks great and was provided by Chucks Upholstery in Corvallis. Even the gauges were rebuilt. It also has a four speed, three point seat belts for safety, after market electric wipers, and AM-FM radio to appear stock.
The customer provided the bed floor, which he stained himself. It looks great with the painted strips to match the interior.
51 Chevy PU