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1968 Chevy PU

Finally the Chevy project is a roller. Still lot's of work to do, the truck only gets worked on in our spare time and lately we haven't had any.
This is how the truck started, its ugly, and its to high. That's all about to change.
Custom-made inner fender
The first step is to see where we wanted the truck to sit when lowered. We removed the front springs and the rearend and dropped the frame on the ground to get a visual. We decided at this point to build our own frame instead of use this one.
We decided to use a 1980 camaro front clip. This works out well for width and allows lots of room for headers etc. Under the cab is 2x6 tubing; no part of the frame or exhaust will hang below the body.
Out the back is 2x4 tubing mandral bent by Art Morrison to my specifications. Everything else was designed and built by NW Autofab. It also holds a 9" Ford rearend with 3.55 posi and 31 spline axles. Custom control arms were built and QA1 shocks were installed.
'48 Chevy