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1969 Camaro SS

This 1969 Camaro SS is an Indy Pace Car, making it a rare and valuable collectible. The owner bought the Camaro in 1978, it was his very first car. The Camaro accumulated 140k miles before being put into storage. The owner began restoring the Camaro in '95, but due to improper storage the Camaro had accrued more damage than when it was stored. In '98, the owner enlisted the help of Northwest Autofab in the restoration of the Camaro. It took almost two years to complete this project, but as you can see it was time well spent. '69 Camaro
The car was already disassembled, so we started by re-assembling the body to get the panel alignment, and then began the long process of stripping and cleaning every little piece. Where possible we refurbished the original equipment, but had to settle for some aftermarket items. Every piece of this car was disassembled, cleaned and refurbished (if deemed possible).
This picture marks the beginning of the re-assembly. We had the subframe powder coated. We installed disc brakes and sway bars.
In some cases we had to fabricate custom parts for the Camaro. We stuck to the original design during all custom fabrications.
The interior and bottom of the car is covered with a special heat resistant bed-liner to protect it from rock chips. This thick liner has the added benefit of reducing road noise. We added frame extensions to stiffen up the uni-body, and installed sway bars.
For the most part we attempted to keep the appearance of the car stock. The interior is stock for the 1969 pace car. A lot of work went into refurbishing the interior parts to maintain the stock appearance. One area of the interior that we veered from the original is the stereo. We custom built weather-proof speaker housing that fit into the door vents (kick panel vents). In all, we installed seven speakers, two amplifiers, a 12 disc CD changer, and an equalizer.
One area where we parted from the stock look is the engine compartment. We attempted to brighten it up by painting the firewall and fender wells white. The hoses and wires where installed out of sight to keep things uncluttered. This was quite a task with the RS headlights (vacuum doors and headlight washers), security alarm, and Induction hood.
'69 Camaro